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September, 2014 Issue 9, Volume 9

Fall is Right Around the Corner

September 2014 It is sure has been a beautiful British Columbia in the Summer! Al and I really enjoyed the warm weather (and our pool)!.

Now that Fall is here, we have emptied the pool. There were some days we thought maybe we emptied it too early with summer days still hanging on.

Though, it was chilly, here is a picture of brave Al hopping in one more time before we drained the pool. Get me a towel! Burrrr.

Now that Fall is here, the changes happening daily are so beautiful. It is nice to feel the brisk air for a change.

Donkey Refuge

Donkey Refuge Have you ever heard of the Turtle Valley Donkey Refuge? Well, until recently, I had not either! You may already know I love all animals. Therefore when my friend found out that they were having a pancake fundraiser, we decided to go check it out.

We had a really great time and it was good to support such a great cause. The turnout was so large, they ran out of food twice! Who knew there was so much love for donkeys.

I got to meet some pretty cute ones, and some really nice people too. I found out the Donkeys come from all over the world as there is only one other Donkey rescue located in Ontario.

Chamber of Commerce

We joined the Chamber of Commerce in Kamloops. I am not sure why we didn't join sooner. They have so much value to offer local businesses such as networking socials, trade shows and education. It has been fun discovering all the benefits of being a member.

I quickly took advantage of a few mini courses and workshops they offered. I took one workshop which was taught by the founder and president of Thrive Business Strategies Inc, Cindy Piva. Cindy taught how to create an environment for success.

The workshop reinforced how powerful our language is. I learned to make sure to use positive and uplifting words when communicating with our team and even in everyday use. By doing this, you will make your team feel safe and build strong relationships with them.

Also, if you create your vision in good detail, your life will unfold by intention, rather than by default. I also really learned how important it is to get clear on your vision, mission and values; and the necessity of incorporating them daily in your life so the words of your mission, vision and values do not become just about a plaque on the wall.

The Nine Personality

Nine Personality

Nine vibration people are extremely generous, sympathetic and understanding. They’re born to inspire and to be spiritual leaders and teachers. They do very well in a position of service and where they can serve humanity.

It is important for Nine's to control their emotions, develop their intellect and to seek a philosophy of life. If they’re spiritual qualities are not developed they can become emotional, hot tempered, or jealous.

The Nine's being the highest vibration, those with this quality, if they live in the distructive attirbutes of their negative natures, they can sink to the depth of depravity. It is best to live in the more positive world and seek spiritual outlets. The health weakness of a Nine personality involves the whole nervous system. They must express universal love for all and not build their whole world around personal and family love alone. They must have an ideal and a constructive outlet for their creative inspirational nature or they are apt to swing to the negative side of emotions.

You can always count on a Nine personality to lend a sympathetic ear..

On the Road Again

Small picture of complex, click to see full sizeAl and I spent quite a bit of time in the University on Wheels as we drove to Vancouver a couple of times this month. Once was to listen to July and Steve's newest presentation on a long anticipated announcement regarding a ninety (90) unit rental complex building in the lower mainland. This announcement has been a year in the making! This is their first investment project being brought to investors in five (5) years. If you are interested in learning more and attending their October 16th presentation about the offering in Vancouver, please drop July an email and ask her for an invitation or more information.

Demolishing your Saboteurs’ Mastermind Series

We have been having weekly mastermind meetings with Michael and Pamela at Language of Space. We meet on google plus where Michael and Pamela lead us on how we can be of service to each other and uncover and demolish some of our self-saboteur behaviors and eradicate our limited beliefs.

We all have these "programs" in our mind and by working on this together, we are trying to change our behaviors and improve our lives. Consider the following quote:

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had choose it and work with it and not against it…This will miraculously transform your whole life…”Eckart Tolle

Successful people take 100% responsibility for everything that happens in their life. I am learning to look at situations with a curious and creative mind-- and then being grateful. I am asking myself the following question.

  • Why did I choose this scenario?
  • How can I turn this situation into a positive lesson?

Once I have the answers to those questions, I then list ways to be grateful for it.

We are looking forward to our next newsletter at the end of October.. Hearts and Smiles to all!

Al & Brooklin