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August, 2014 Issue 9, Volume 8

Fall is Right Around the Corner

August 2014 Can you believe that 2014 is 2/3 complete? The time is just marching along so quickly, it is hard to believe this year is nearly done. The trees are already starting to change color.

I am really enjoying the warm weather and really am going to savor every last moment we get.

Al and I had a few trips planned and therefore spent some time on the road. It is always enjoyable to get out there and see how the world is moving along! We had a great time together, as usual.

Al's 50th Birthday!

This month is always special since it happens to contain Al's birthday. This year, it was especially great since it was also a very significant birthday for him. Al turned 50 this month! Here we are eating at our favorite restaurant, Storms. I really love Al and we make a good team... plus he keeps getting better looking with age! We are blessed to have found each other.

Beautiful Salt Lake City

About a year ago, we were introduced to high qualiy supplements (by our mentors July and Steve) from a company named USANA founded by Dr. Wentz.

Since using these products, Al and I have been very pleased with their products. July and Steve loved their products and the core value and mission of the company. They thought we would appreciate them, so they invited us to be their guests at the annual USANA convention.

We had a great time at the convention and we both were very impressed with the companies products and mission. Basically Dr. Wentz's vision, core values and mission (which is all about loving life and living it) is very much aligned with our mission as well.

During the course of the conference, we listened to powerful speakers such as Dr. OZ, Tony Robbins, Brendon Burchard, Dr. Libby Weaver, and Dennis Waitley who talked about positive thinking, health, mindsets, and how to ignite the spark inside yourself to take action.

We really loved the company and can see how they are truly changing lives with their "USANA True Health Foundation" which is devoted to helping humanity. This foundation gives 100% of the proceeds directly to the families that they are helping.

Tony Robbins says giving is “Limited only by the limitations we set upon ourselves” .

Productivity Daily

Brendon Burchard, one of the speakers at the convention, had some great tips for controlling your life's agenda.

Have you ever asked yourself how you can get to accomplishing your key goals faster? If you have, one of the best ways Brendon and others teaches is to learn to ask yourself this daily and plan your day ahead of time: Ask yourself,

What are the major projects I am working on?” Once you know what your most important goal is, then follow the next steps

  1. Plan your day keeping in mind what your key goal(s) are. With these goals in mind, identify 3-10 accomplishments you need to complete no matter what.

  2. Once you know the tasks you must get done, then when you check your e-mail, voice mail, etc. only look for the tasks that include reaching out to people you need to reach out to. You only respond to the people who are require a response from you for those top priority tasks for that day (so you don't get sidetracked as everything else can wait).

The Eight Personality

Eight Personality We continue our monthly story on the various personality types and describe the attributes of that personality.

Those strong in the Eight vibration are born executives or leaders. These people love a career that is geared towards where they can see the fruits of their labor.  

Eights are well balanced and clever minded individuals who are very generous and charitable.  Eight's wouldn't hesitate to donate thousands to charity and yet, if you owe them 123.50, be sure to repay them to the penny. It is not that they are stingy, it is about the principal.

A few of the best careers for Eights are banking, brokerage, insurance, and lawyer. Pretty much, anywhere they feel more in control of their own destiny.  Financial stability and independence is very high on their priority list.

The health weaknesses of Eights affect the generative organs. They are susceptable to emotional excesses and inflammation distress. It is good for them to control their emotions and develope their intellect. It is helpful for Eights to seek outlets for their creative side.


PendulumI enjoyed sitting down and reading

Pendulum: How Past Generations Shape Our Present and Predict Our Future

by Roy Williams and Michael Drew.

The book talks about Politics, manners, humor, sexuality, wealth, even our definitions of success. These ideas are periodically renegotiated based on the new values society chooses
to use as a lens to judge what is acceptable.

One may wonder - Are these new values randomly chosen or is there a pattern?

Pendulum chronicles the stuttering history of western society; that endless back-and-forth swing between one excess and another, always reminded of what we left behind.

I was left with great insight into how the whole society thing works. Apparently every forty (40) years or so there is a cycle of change. By understanding this, I feel we can improve our communication with different generations. The book attempts to answer basic questions such as: "What are the forces that drives decision making?" and "What makes people do what they do?" (Ok, who can really explain all that!) Overall I found the book a very interesting read. (click here or the book to see a YouTube video about the book.)

Webinar with David Dubeau

David DubeauSome of you may remember last month I mentioned Al was finishing a webinar with David Dubeau of Canadian Profits Webinar. Al had a great time, and was happy to do it. It sure helped being very well versed on the subject too! Al was a bit stressed about the new presentation and his philosophy is

Feel the fear and do it anyway! So, he carried on.

Al and I both love to share what we've learned in our travels. So this situation was no different. He loves teaching others about different strategies on how to create residual income and thereby changing people's lives for the better!

With our interest in Private Lending this past year, we have gained a lot of experience by not just dipping our toes in the water, but we seemed to have leapt right into the pond!

Al shared what is Private Lending, and what it is not! In addition, he also presented the benefits we have seen, how the system works, how to protect yourself from the inherent risks, how to track and monitor the status of the loans as well. As a side benefit for everyone, Al shared what is happening with our U.S. Venture. (Which some of you may know has not been 100% perfect, but it has been a perfect learning experience!).

We are looking forward to our next newsletter.. Smiles and Hearts to all!

Al & Brooklin