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July, 2014 Issue 9, Volume 7

Summer's Here in Full Swing

July 2014

Welcome to summer in Kamloops, we sure are enjoying this wonderful warmth! It will be here for a few months more so we are happy! Luckily, it feels tropic so we can pretend we are still on a holiday even though we are back to our regular routine. Holiday at home, I like the sound of that!

Our Friend Steven from Brasil

Steven Cured!When we went to Brasil, we met up with our friend Steven who moved there a number of years ago. One of the things we discussed was his health. We were surprised to find out he once had a heart condition! Luckily, Steven found a mentor which helped him reverse his heart condition and taught him the importance of keeping in good shape.

Dr. Richard Schulze is his mentor. He is a naturopathic doctor who is world- famous for his incurables program, and Steven sure benefited from Dr. Schulze's experience. Steven followed Dr. Schulze's protocols for healing and did colon, liver, kidney, and blood cleansing, along with juicing. We sure look forward to our return trip to Brasil and following up with Steven to see how he is doing.

Dr Richard Schulze & the American Botanical Pharmacy

Dr. Richard Schulze, American Botanical GardensWhen we discovered that Steven credits Dr Richard Schulze's advice with helping him take control of his health, we decided to find out more about Dr. Schulze's methods. Steven regained his health by following Dr. Schulze's protocols and juicing.

Dr Schulze's biography is quite fascinating. He continually shares his knowledge of the body and healing and gives a lot of great information to people who go to his website.

In the process of discovery, we have learned from Dr. Schulze confirmation of how important juicing whole, organic foods is for the body. Dr Schulze has an "incurables program" whereby countless devoted people who follow his teachings have cured themselves from a myriad of ills of the body. Whether you suffer from cancer or countless other dis-eases.... Dr. Schulze has a protocol and herbs that can help. In addition, there is a great support system at Curezone.Com. Dr. Schulze also has the most wonderful herbal remedies at the American Botanical Pharmacy. On this site you will find Dr. Schulze's Blog and other resources. According to my friend who helps me edit this, Dr. Schulze's Cayenne is the absolute best you can find in the market. (They have tincture and powder.) All of their products are great!

The Seven Personality

Seven Personality

Seven truly is a magical number. People with the Seven personality have attributes of extreme intuition and creative capabilities. They are intelligent and focused individuals that have a lot of inner wisdom. Although they sometimes enjoy being with other people in a social environment they can be hard to get to know because they have a secretive, reserved nature and don’t let people get too close to fast. Sevens prefer to be alone and would gladly give up a busy life for a quieter one. People with strong Seven personality traits need to be careful to not to be too concerned with the personalities and problems of others. Having spiritual awareness and faith would be of great benefit to them. Seven's should consider taking mini-adventures and be sure to make plans to visit places they always wanted to see.

Wild Goji Berry Picking

Goji BerriesThe website the Huffington Post had a story on Goji Berries earlier this year. I found it so interesting. Labeled as one of the new super foods, Canadian Living says “Gram for gram, Goji Berries pack more Vitamin C than some oranges and more beta-carotene than carrots”. So we started researching some of the benefits of Goji Berries. Al and I were pretty surprised at how many benefits can be had with these yummy berries!! Goji Berries are

  • An excellent source of antioxidants
  • Known to boost the immune system
  • Help to protect the eyes
  • An excellent source of Vitamin C
  • Are loaded with beta-carotene to help promote healthy skin.

Dehydrating Goji Berries Luckily, I recently found some wild Goji Berry bushes right here in Kamloops. Wild Goji Berries are the right price too! So I decided to pick some and dehydrate them to put in our granola and oatmeal bar recipes.

Check out the great super food smoothie recipe. 1 Cup Orange Juice (or mix part almond milk and OJ), 5 ice cubes; 1 cup of your favorite berries and include some dried goji berry; 2 ripe bananas. Blend in your favorite blender and voila!


Webinar with David Dubeau

Al was interviewed tonight by David Dubeau about his his experience in private lending and doing business with U.S. mortgages this past year. Next month we will fill you in with all the details. It was very informative.

We are looking forward to sharing more next month.. Hearts and smiles to all!

Al & Brooklin