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June, 2014 Issue 9, Volume 6

Summer is Here!

June 2014 Happy Summer everyone! Al and I have been busy being globetrotters! It has been a fabulous month for sure. We have been really enjoying the warm weather and seeing all the growth of the plants in our gardens.

Our gardens sure love Mr. Sunshine!

Close Call

Al and I decided to head to the World Cup in Brasil this year. However, a month prior to the trip, we had no one to watch our business. It was quite a concern. However we received proof once again how the universe always takes care of you. Always be mindful of your thoughts and focus on your wants. Don't worry about the how`s. We found a  great candidate through people we know. With my numerology and Kabalarian knowledge, I knew He (Steve Delaney) was going to be a perfect match for us and our store. And he was!! We also ended up having a back up as well. So it all worked out.

Brasil Bound

World Cup, Rio 2014 Now, before we decided to go to Brasil, I was not really that interested in the world cup, well... certainly not until I got there and caught the fever!!

Brasil was never on my bucket list, however Al always wanted to see a world cup. A few years ago he said he wanted to go to this one, so, we decided to take the opportunity and planned it.

Before we left Canada, there was a lot of news about the World Cup that was not exactly positive, so I was a little leery about going. However, once we got to Brasil, I became intrigued with the game along with the culture and people of Brasil. We are so glad we kept the faith and stuck with our decision to go, and thinking positively about the trip.

Top PerformersIt was a fabulous and very interesting trip. Just when we thought not one more person could fit into the subway, even more and more soccer fans crammed in. We felt like a pack of sardines a few times. Their excitement was contageous and made us even more excited to be there.

While we were there we saw Japan vs: Ivory Coast (Ivory Coast won) and Belgium vs: Russia (Belgium beat Russia). The games were exciting, crowded and loud. We ate a bag of popcorn, and saw so much advertising for Coca Cola! It was amazing. Some places only sold Coca Cola!! For water you would have to go somewhere else.

Top PerformersBrasil pulled of such a great world cup! The games were well organized and even with so many people coming from all over the world -- very secure. Even though it was "Winter" in Brasil, we decided to stop at the beach in Rio as well. It was so pretty. Definitely not like any Winter we have experienced back home since the seasons are basically reversed (though not as cold as we are in Canada). Brasil was really a great experience. We definitely will return if we have the opportunity.

Three Feet from Gold

Soccer Excitement I have been re-reading The Napolean Hill Foundation's great book, "Three Feet From Gold".

It really reminded me how important it is to make sure that I see everything that is happening as good.

There were so many golden nuggets in the book. One big nugget is the reinforcement of what I learned in the past about the importance of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) and how thinking positively can completely change your experience of something-- which in the past I may have not seen in the best way possible.

While we were in Brasil, we met up with our old acquantance, Steven James that we met at a fast track Kelowna networking event. Since we were in Brasil and Steven lives there now, it was an opportunity to catch up with what was happening in his world. Five years ago, he lived in Canada. He and hiis wife decided one day to sell everything they had and move to Brasil. He bought a pousada, which is like a hotel. It is always full with business people from Korea. He has had challenges with the language, culture, and other things related to such a big move.

This is why networking and talking with people is so important. Learning what makes people tick and what their story is is so enriching. We were so happy to see his success and that he is doing well.

Six Personality

The Number Six The six vibration symbolizes maturity and responsibility. 

You will find these people are very stable, positive and trustworthy. They are extremely honest and are usually found to be the pillars of the commmunity.

Sixes like to do things their own way --without interference, as they have mental quickness. 

They love their family and home environment. If they don’t have children they will surely have pets as they love to nurture and take are of those they love. 

They have a strong ability to speak, teach, lecture and are the happiest when they are in a position where they can be the head of authority and express their individuality. Sometimes others can see them as interfering, but they really have a great desire to help.

If you or someone you know is a Six, you need to be mindful as their health can be affected by too much worrying. Keep on the watch for that, and try to do de-stressing activities such as exercise, being outside with nature, and doing activities you enjoy.

Canadian AntiSpam Law

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We are looking forward to our next newsletter... We will see you next month... Hearts and Smiles to all!

Al & Brooklin