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May, 2014 Issue 9, Volume 5

Beautiful May Flowers!

May Flowers

Hello everyone! Well it is very apparent that summer is definitely coming soon. We have had some lovely warmth and all the growth in the garden is amazing.

Our dogs and I are loving being outside more and getting into playing in the garden.

Other Growth

Many of you may know from reading our newsletter or just by knowing me, that I have been studying numerology and kabalarian philosophy for a number of years.

I have always been intrigued by numbers and the science of numerology. The more I learned about it, the more I realized at some point I was going to be changing my name. Not that I didn't love my name Shelley, I do. I was named after my grandfather. However, the more I studied the effect of your name on your life purpose and destiny, I realized at some point I was going to change it. So now, the time has come.

After much pondering, I have decided to go by Brooklin for my first name. I feel that this name is more in balance and in alignment with who I really am and with my birth path; additionally the new name has a higher vibration. This decision was not made on a whim, but this is the best explanation I can provide for why I am changing it.

Chapter Complete

Top Performers

Al and I had the opportunity to write a chapter in a book with David Dubeau and Dan Loc called called The Secrets of Canadian Top Performers.

It is such an honor to be included as a part of this book. It also was a great opportunity to share our story.

As you know, I enjoy writing and reflecting on our progress in our business enterprise. The chapter is about our story and how we got started in business, real estate and private lending.

It is available now on amazon with David Dubeau on the cover or through us if you would like to have our picture on the cover.

How to Be Mentally Free Course Completed

This month I completed the “How to be Mentally Free” from the study of the Kabalarian Philosophy.

The course taught me even more about how to live life with right eating, thinking and breathing. I learned more understanding of all universal laws of life that we all live under, whether we are aware of them or not. I learned how to develop new skills to direct the vital forces of the body to build a strong, clear mind free of any stress. One of the key skills to use for this is mediation. Meditation helps quiet the mind and strengthen the spaces between my thoughts. This helps me to stay focused on our dreams and to create them into reality.

Science by Numbers --- the Five Vibration


People who live under the "Five" vibration are known as "action takers". Action takers like to travel and yearn for new experiences.

The Five vibration is a very intense and dynamic number. Individuals who are strong in the five vibration must find a constructive outlet through creative expression. Sometimes they can be hard to understand because of their changing mood swings.

Five children can be extremely independent and can sometimes be hard to understand and handle. It seems that they are always searching for a reason for things. As they get older, they sometimes have a challenge with letting go of an incident, and they can hold a grudge. This tendency toward grudges can affect their digestion and create tension and indigestion in their solar plexus. If you are strong in the five vibration, it is beneficial to find time to relax your mind and body.

Surprise VisitOn the beach Education Corp

Al and I were surprised with a visit from our long time and very dear friends, Andy Dempski and Dana Johnson... and their beautiful children - Connor and Arrah. The last time we saw the kids they were still kids! Now they have grown so much.

They had to get to Vancouver, so they drove from Calgary through Kamloops so they could see us on the way.

It was great fun catching up with them. it was so nice that they took the time to stop by on their trip. The visit was too short although very sweet!

Bang Meeting

Best Mindset Group

This month's BANG meeting featured Danny Kerr as the guest speaker.

Danny Kerr works with the Best Mindset Group

The Best Mindset Group facilitates businesses to create significant growth in their market.

One of the BANG members has been working with him and getting tremendous value.

Danny spoke about how he got started and lessons he has learned over the years. One of those lessons includes always asking the question "How can I..." By posing this question of yourself, you force your brain to problem solve. So your brain works on the problem and solutions start to appear and ideas form.

Danny also went over how to get to know your target market is for more clarity and then you can brain-storm on where you find those people who are in need of your business and services. This enables you to share your passion with them and they get to know you and your offerings better.

For example, for us, our ideal target market for us is female, she is between 35-55 years old, and loves to cook and have fresh herbs and vegetables while cooking. So, when we are looking for new markets, we may attend a cooking class and get to know participants there.

Real Estate May Meeting

Al gave a presentation on Private Lending 101 at the downtown Remax office where we have our real estate meeting. The presentation was well received. He fielded many questions and had such positive feedback afterward. He really has learned a lot by going to Toastmasters. His speaking has really always been good, but with what he learned at Toastmasters, things are just more polished.

His presentation was on his experience with private lending -- the pros and some challenges that could arrise and how to be protected. He shared many of the experiences we have had this past year and shared all the benefits.

The Pros

  • The loans are secured by tangible real estate that must have a 60% LTV (loan to value)
  • There are really good returns on your investment
  • You will receive monthly payments
  • Being the banker is more secure than that of the investor since the investor takes all the risk.

The Challenges

  • Almost all loans will have at least 1 late payment, so make sure you have enough cash flow to cover this contingency.
  • A small percentage of loans goes to foreclosure. Though few make it to auction because the the amount of equity built in the property.

The most important take-away is that you are responsible for keeping your money safe.

Remember, the most important number is the value of the property.

Update: We are currently working on loan number 9. With this, we will be able to up the payment to Al's mom from $833.33 per month to $1200.00 per month which will cover her rent. That really feels good!

We are looking forward to our next newsletter... We will see you next month... Smiles, and hearts to all!

Al & Brooklin