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April, 2014 Issue 9, Volume 4

Mostly Springy!

April Showers

The weather is nicer and not a second too soon. I must say April has been a month that was pretty overwhelming. The one thing that was very reassuring, we were reminded how important Friends and family are in our life. In addition to that, having a strong relationship really helps you get through difficult times.  We are both working full-time in the shop and it feels like time has sped up. We make a good team and stay focused on the end result.  

We have learned that we need to put family first as work will always be there. We keep the top three priorities we have daily.   This makes some decisions easy. We all have times we struggle, but think a minute...   Have you taken time to celebrate your successes, both big or small? 

Easter with the Family

Easter with the familyAl and I went to Calgary to enjoy Easter with the family. We had fun as a group, making easter treats for the neices. We spent a lot of time going down memory lane.

Shelley in skatesAt one point we all went to Lloyd's Rollerland in Calgary. That was a lot of fun. I managed to keep myself upright, which was a great thing! It made me remember when I used to go rollerskating in the 1980's.

I really enjoyed rollerskating and need to make sure I do it more often! Look how happy I am!



Science by Numbers --- the Four Vibration


The four vibration is all about symbolizing a technical and scientific mind vibration. Fours are very intelligent and are often born teachers.

You can count on a four to be stable, trustworthy, and patient. Fours Like to deal in facts and figures. As a result, they can be very sceptical and tend to see everything in black and white.

As for work, Fours make great tradesmen, store keepers, bookkeepers, mechanics, draftsmen, and Engineers to name a few.

Your Four child can be very good at easily solving puzzles that stump most adults.  The Four can very often fix things and not be able to tell you how they did it. 

As for health, if you are a strong Four, be aware that as a Four, you are generally very fond of meat and starchy foods. Weakness tends to lie in their stomach and intestinal organs. Meat and heavy foods can slow down digestion and heavy sugar foods boggs down the system and creates really low energy.

On The Beach Education Corp. Meeting

On the beach Education Corp

Al and I attended the "On The Beach Education Corporation's Annual Investor Dinner this month.

We really love to support their events. They are great mentors who work hard for us and all their investors. Their hard work results in effecting change in peoples lives --for the better, Click on their logo above to check out their site.

Al and I really can't say enough good things about what has happened to us since we met. They are extremely dedicated to becomming a "world class" company. All who know and work with them are very blessed to be working under their guidance, and knowledge.

On June 11th at 7:00 PM, July will be hosting a free evening group mentoring session at 203 Business Center, 5794-203 Street, Langley, BC. If you want to join in the fun, bring any current or past deals for analysis and critiquing.

Private Lending - Lessons Learned Follow Up

Keep Calm

You may remember last month when we talked about a challenge with one of our private lending opportunities.

Al and I really went through a lot of hoops trying to figure out what to do about the challenge. You know, when your instincts are telling you something isn’t right-- you must speak up. 

After discovering the issue, All took quick action as soon as we found out that the deal was going south.

He picked up the phone and called our mentor in the private lending group, which made all the difference!

The process that was supposed to be done originally is now being done properly, and our mentor is making sure of it.

It was good that, instead of waiting until the house sold and hoping that someone would be honest and repay what was owed to us, we went on the defense right away and made sure we talked to those with more experience than us to help with what to do.

The bottom line is that in all your deals, you must make sure you are protected at all times.  No matter what story someone tells you, YOU ALWAYS COVER YOUR BUTT and make sure you are on the title of the property.

It is not personal - it is good business . Remembering also, when you are dealing with people; the saying goes "How you do anything is how you do everything." We hope this person has learned their lesson; as we have learned ours.

We are looking forward to our next newsletter... We will see you next month... Smiles, hearts and flowers to all!

Al & Shelley