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March, 2014 Issue 9, Volume 3

Marching Toward Spring???


Spring is finally showing it's face. Winter is slowly starting to wane until the end of the year. We love all the seasons, however we are sure ready for some sunshine and flowers!

It is always exciting when you see the signs of Spring. The tubers popping up from the snow. Gorgeous daffodils, tulips and the like. There is so much joy seeing the changing seasons.

Al and Al Take In a Hockey Game

Al and Al at the Hockey game Al decided it was time to take a break to go watch a hockey game with his friend Al. They saw Tim Horton's Heritage Classic game at BC Place Stadium. The guys enjoyed the evening doing guy things, and I enjoyed the quiet time with the dogs. This reminded me how important it is to take time for yourself. What have you done for YOU this month? Sometimes we get so involved with our responsibilities, we forget to take time out for ourselves and having FUN! Put something you always want to do on your calendar! You will never regret it.

Vermin that Destroy Your Investment

Starve the Critters

This month, our Real Estate meeting topic was "Vermin that Destroy Your Investment. The speaker was Terry Weins with Interior Pest Arrest.

We really learned a lot about the critters that can inhabit and take residence in your investment property, and potentially hurt your investment.

We learned how important it is to get an inspection for pests. Usually we think about that when it's too late! Finding out the damages and/or problems before you finalize the paperwork to purchase the property makes good business sense. Also, it is well worth the peace of mind knowing your property is all clear!

Terry shared some really helpful tips for creating an environment in your property that does not encourage the critters to stay at your place. Some of his suggestions were:

  • Keep shrubs and vegetation off the side of the building.
  • Make sure your sprinklers are not spraying toward the house.
  • Remove all loose wood around the property

International Days at TRU

Root Bound plantsTRU Keynote Speaker

We went to the International Days conference at TRU. One of our favorite talks was given by Keynote Speaker Clemantine Wamariya. 

Clemantine appeared on Oprah in 2006. She shared her experiences as a Rwandan Genocide survivor and former refugee.

Clemantine was inspiring to listen to as she shared her experiences traveling across the country as a Rwandan Genocide survivor and former refugee. 

Her fight is for justice and to champion the cause of the unprivileged and disadvantaged.  It wasn't’t as teary of a night as I expected as she made us share a laugh a few times.  She has come a long way and quite an inspiration. I was grateful to hear her speak.

Science by Numbers The Number 3

Number 3

A person strong in the 3 vibration is usually very compassionate, creative and has artistic ability. They are the life of the party; the person you love to be around. They like to inspire debates just for the fun of it.

They may have challenges saving money because when they were children, they thought piggy banks were meant to be broken! They feel life is meant to be lived in the moment.  You may find they want to have the last word when in conversation.

As an employee, threes don't find much interest in systems and routine. So beware when hiring a person strong three and try to think of ways to tame this tendency. As far as foods, use caution to make sure they are not eating too many greasy, starchy or sweets as those types of food can irritate the liver.

Private Lending - Lessons Learned

As you may know we have been private lending on mortgages. While most of this goes very smothly, one of our borrowers has not performed to the contract established for the loan. As a result, the monthly payments have stopped, the house is up for sale and will possibly be foreclosed on.

It turns out the loan sponsor did a poor job qualifying the borrower.

So now we are out the income and reimbursement of the loan until the property sells.

Lessons learned: You have to do a good job qualifying your loan sponsor. The loan sponsor seems to have given the borrower the money without making sure the funds were applied where they were contractually obligated to go.

While we have records indicating where these funds were to be allocated in escrow, this allocation did not transpire properly.

We have decided we must dig deeper, ask more questions about the borrower (call the references ourselves), don't rely soley on the loan sponsor to do all the dudiligence, and most importantly make sure you keep impeccible records.

The bottom line, RULE #1 is to make sure your money partner (in this case, us) is on title and they are protected. (We thought we were on title, but we weren't, so you really have to check everything!) We will keep you posted on how this goes.


Blackfish the Movie

Al and I sure do love a good documentary. Disturbing as it was, we are sure happy to have seen this informative movie "Blackfish".

The movie was about Sea world and stories by the trainers who no longer work there. They reveal secrets of what really goes on with the Orcas. 

The trainers share how the Orcas are being taken away from their sea families and are put into captivation for places such as Sea World to make a profit. The captivity is not always what is best for the animal, and their family.

These whales are taken mainly for show purposes from otherwise healthy animals which could have had a good life free in the wild.

When we seek out entertainment at Sea World, we assume the animals are loved and well taken care of.

As a result of this documentary, I now look at these kind of places differently and have decided not to support this kind of business. At this time, it seems like these businesses are taking advantage of their consumers. Hopefully the industry will clean up its act and make sure these negative aspects become a thing of the past.


We are looking forward to our next edition... Till next month... Hearts and smiles to all!

Al & Shelley