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November, 2013 Issue 8, Volume 11

Sharing our journey with you...

De Melo's Da News

Rememberance Day 2013

Remembrance Day, 2013

We celebrated Remembrance day in Canada by thinking of all the men and women who have served our country and as a result, made our world a better place. While it traditionally commerates WW I and WW II, we like to think of everyone who has made such a huge sacrifice on our behalf and send love to their families as we all remember.


Two Deers

Winter has definitely arrived. It is just plain cold. I had a nice awakening the other day when I saw a couple of beautiful deer in the yard. I held off letting the dogs out of the house so they could enjoy the beautiful morning. I am sure if they knew they would be grateful.

Al Heads to the Grey Cup

It is not as cold as Saskatchewan. Al headed up to Saskatchewan with his father in law John to attend the Grey Cup.Hanging out at the Grey Cup

It is important to note that in the past three years that the home team hosted the Grey cup, the home team has been the winner!

In the one hundred and one year history of the game, this is the first time Saskatchewan won the the Grey cup at home. Forgettable Grey Cup game to some. But what an unforgettable Grey Cup in Saskatchewan.

It was also Al's fifth time attending. Next year, the Grey cup is in Vancouver, so he'll be wearing orange instead of green! We are also grateful to the friend of our customer who came into the store. The subject of the game came up, and Al mentioned he was bummed not to be going because he did not have a place to stay. The friend mentioned he lived a few blocks away from the stadium, and said you and John can come stay at my house. That got Al 's attention, and off he went. We are so grateful for this bit of serendipity. We are very thankful to these strangers (and new friends) Darrell and his wife Linda who opened his house up to us!

They had a great time. It was nice to see that the weather warmed up a bit for them.

Science By Numbers - The Kabalarian Philosophy


It is great to get to know yourself and others better.

What if numbers could tell you a story?

Kabal means to receive the esoteric knowledge of numbers and letters of the alphabet.

Are you interested in what your birth name reveals (both positive and not so positive qualities) about you?

Are you curious to know which qualities you should feed and give the most attention to, and which ones don't serve you? If yes, well... then stay tuned for lesson 101 which will be in December's edition of deMelo DaNews.

Knowing the Possibilities

I had some excellent insight consulting this month from Michael and Pamela from Language of Space. It got me thinking, what if you could know the outcome of a partnership or a Joint Venture (JV) ahead of time? Or perhaps, how a relationship with an employee would work out before you hired them?

Having this kind of insight could help you determine if it is beneficial for all parties to move forward or maybe consider other alternatives. With this kind of insight, you could save yourself a lot of stress and headache, or find the right person to help blast your project to the stratosphere!

Using Language of Space and Michael and Pamela's guidance, we now have a system that we employ with excellent results, to help us with any major (or even minor) decisions. The insight garnered really assists us in the decision making process. We highly recommend the experience of their expertise.

Your Wish is Your Command

One thing we try to remember, we never need to know how the process works. One way I help myself keep track of certain insights is that on the advice from Michael, I began taking note of different times of the day when I become negative and what the triggers were.

Everything and everyone in the world vibrates at a frequency (which can change based on how you feel). This frequency is measured as energy and vibration. So how can we tune in and transform what we preceive to be negative and turn it into a positive?

Kevin Trudeau is the author of Your Wish is Your Command, how to manifest your desires. I have been listening to the CDs, and really have gleaned some useful information from them. Your Wish

For example, you are driving down the highway and you get a flat tire. How do you respond and react?

This situation can actually be seen as a positive. You may ask, What would make this any kind of positive? I didn't ask for a flat tire. This philosophy says Yes you did!

Check in with how you were feeling when you got the flat tire and try to relate it to a past experience when you were sending out that same frequency energy for something else. There will always be a connection that you can find with everything. You never know, that flat tire may have saved you from an accident or (perhaps) you are about to meet an amazing person!

Private Lending Update

Our experience with George Antone and the Wealth Classes group of private lenders has been fabulous. Remember the tool "The Secret" movie and book taught us about visualizing checks in the mail?

I did an exercise about a year ago… I pretended every bill we got was a check. I felt the feeling of excitement when I was opening my bills. I wrote down the amount of the bill and added zero's at the end as if that is what has come in. As a result, we are so happy to announce we have been getting much better interest rates for Al’s mom's investments. Instead of her getting 2.5%, we’ve become the bank and now are able to give her a much higher rate of return. We decide the rate we can give her based on our spread through secured private lending. We have now decided to show others how they can get checks in the mail too. 

Till next month... we will be sending thanksgiving love to all! Enjoy the holidays everyone!

Al & Shelley