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September, 2013 Volume 9, Issue 8

Sharing our journey with you...

De Melo's Da News

Fall is Here

Fall is Here

It is sure obvious that Fall is here. The signs are everywhere, except for the fact that it still a bit warm. We are getting ready for the cold weather which will surely be here soon. However, we are appreciating the warmth too. We hope where you are, the weather continues to be beautiful.

CanWest 2013 Show

2013 CAN West

We went to Vancouver this month to see the CanWest Show. This is an annual Horticulture and garden show. We really enjoyed all the booths, and discovering what is new and exciting in the horticulture industry. Crophealth

One of the interesting speakers that was presenting at the CanWest show was Mario Lanthier. He spoke on Soil Biology and Compost tea. Not the kind you drink, what your soil drinks. Composted tea is made from kitchen scraps and worms. On his web site you can find information on how to make your own compost tea.

Wishing Well at CanWest Click on Al's picture below to see a great video on how to make your own Composted Tea... just remember it is not for you!

Al enjoying the show

Lessons of a Lifetime from Success Magazine

Jim Rohn Darren Hardy, the Success magazine publisher and founding editor, created a series where he and Jim Rohn talked about "Lessons of a Lifetime".

I have spent many hours listening to this great training in my "Car University". it really is a very thought provoking interactive dialogue that has made the time spent well worth the listening to.

Darren Hardy

I have been learning so much on very interesting topics such as time management and effective communication skills, taught by some of the best.

Through this series, we learned to continue to make our top priorities for the day and for the week to keep us on track with our goals. Also, we have learned to say no and stay in OUR focus. Saying no can be hard to say. However when you acquiesce and say yes when you really want to say no, you inevitably get sidetracked for what you need to be achieving.

Farmers Market

Our Market

We had a chance to go to the Annual Farmers' Market here in Black Pine community in Kamloops, BC. The food was so fresh and delicious. We found Cindy and Shane of Living Garden Organic Farm had the largest red apples we have ever seen, and yummy honey. There were a lot of homemade jams and salsa. Our friend Penny had incredible sweet corn, huge garlic from her farm. We were really pleased to see so many booths displaying goods. We will look into having a booth there for next year.


Wise Women's Festival in Naramata

This month, I had a ton of workshops to choose from. I decided to go to the Wise Women's Festival in Naramata with my mother-in-law Leonor.

The grounds were just enchanting, overlooking Lake Okanagen where we stayed in little cabin. We were looking for a nice weekend to gain some insight, and we got it in spades.

While we were there, we met Hannelore, a professional intuitive counselor of 20 years. She teaches that when we face uncertainty or challenges, our own intuition is our greatest power. Hannelore's workshops are designed to:

  • Awaken and enhance your intuitive and instinctive abilities.
  • Help you to access your own personal power by mastering your ability to make empowering decisions in your personal and business life.
  • Enable you to transcend fears and doubts of self worth, issues of trust and past conditioning.
  • Aid you to distinguish your voice of intuition from the false voices of fear, doubt, indecision and influence of others unleash and remember the natural gifts you were born with. This is your birthright after all!

I was so intrigued, I just returned from a two day workshop where i learned more of these details in depth. My biggest lesson from the weekend was I need to bring in my inner divine balance, enhance my intuition, and that I need to keep my vibration in check. People that vibrate at above 200 affect the planet in a positive way. When dealing with emotions and fear, I learned to differentiate between my stuff and someone elses stuff.

Be Fraud Aware and Invest Right

Al attended this month's real estate club meeting. The featured topic was discussed by the BC Securities Commission guest speakers, David Salzano and Sidney Landsdown. "Be Fraud Aware and Invest Right".

The bottom line is most likely, sooner or later you do end up needing a capital infusion in your program when you run out of your own money. So they discussed the key points to pay attention to when you are investigating potential investors. This will help you protect your assets.

Here are some of the fraud warning signs. Have you heard any of the following language before?

  • Guaranteed high returns - Can't make promises of returns.
  • Profit like the pros - Phrase to tempt you to preceived easy riches.
  • Off Shore- Tax free - usually not true
  • Get it now - It takes time
  • Your friends can’t be wrong. You can't just trust and not verify.
  • There are no secrets to investing. You must get the knowledge required to make good decisions.

Some stats say that only 1 out of 4 companies do any due-dilligence or ask further questions. The rest don't ask questions, nor do they bother with any due-diligence.

Most fraud artists are charming so always do a complete investigation. The BC Securities Commission can be your saving grace if you need assistance. They also have a lot of free information. Call them if you are ever unsure about a deal.

Next month, we are going to Sanoviv, more Hannelore, and we will be preparing to spook you all for Halloween.

Till next month... we will be sending good thoughts your way.

Al & Shelley