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August, 2013 Volume 8, Issue 8

Sharing our journey with you...

De Melo's Da News

Hot Dawwwg it's HOT!

Hot Kitty Days of Summer!

Well, summer is nearly over but it is still very hot! We are in process of wrapping up the scorcher days, but not the fun that goes with the season!

We are still spending a lot of time in the pool and also managing to get our work done too. Even the overwhelming amount of wasps around is not spoiling our summer! They are quite interesting. If you are curious what their job in the world is check out the story here.

Sun Pickles Anyone?

Sun Pickles

lf you're anything like me, sometimes a pickle just seems to be the exact thing you need with your sandwich. My friend Penny Powers said it was ok to share the recipe with you. So without further ado, here is her delicious Sun Pickles recipe.

They are so simple to make. Here's what you do:

Gather 6-7 fresh picked pickling cucumbers, 1 TBS of pickling salt, 2 TBS white wine vinegar, 1 fresh Dill Head and 1 frond of fresh dill. Put all this at the bottom of a one liter glass jar. To prepare and load the jar, follow these steps:

  • Wash the cucumbers and remove blossom end. Dry them. Using a kebob skewer, start at one end of the cucumber, twist, and remove.
  • To fill the jar, start with 4 cucumbers, stand them up on top of the ingredients, then stuff the remaining cucumbers around the jar.
  • Fill with your favorite pure water and cap tightly with a plastic lid (NOT a metal lid).
  • Gently shake the jar 3-4 times, turning upside down, etc.
  • Loosen the lid a bit. Place outside in the sun. Bring your jars inside nightly. You may see little bubbles and stuff. That is perfectly normal.
  • In 3-5 days, the pickles are ready and ready for refrigeration. They last for months.

As a tip, make sure you make them on days no warmer than 85 degrees, or they may get soft and cloudy. These turned out great... and Al, who doesn't like pickles generally, really liked these.


Al's Aquaponics Project This month, Al did a presentation on Aquaponics for "Voice of Education" with our BANG group. The meeting went very well. Al presented the aquaponics cycle.

Basically, the fish produce the waste, and the worms and microbes convert the waste into fertilizer for the plants. In return, the plants provide clean filtered water for the fish to thrive on. Therefore, you can have your plants and fish to eat.

We have always been very passionate about Aquaponics ever since we got our first system set up in the store a couple of years ago. In order for us to meet our goal of getting closer to self-sustainability, we will have a project starting at home in our garage in the Spring. We look forward to teaching workshops to inspire others how simple it is to set up and with very little space you can grow your own food.

Chinese Healing with Moxibustion

Chinese Healing Mmoxa Sticks

Al's mom was here recently and suffering very difficult neck pain.

So, Al got this brilliant idea from one of our mentors, Michael White Ryan from Language of Space.

Michael mentioned that Moxa sticks are amazing for all kinds of healing issues, including Al's knee and ankle pain that flares up when he plays soccer.

So when his mom was here, he decided to give her a treatment. It really helped her. If you want to read more about this, click here!


Our First Private Lending Deal Closed

We are so excited to report that we were a part of our first private lending deal. It closed this month and it went smooth.  The parameters about our first deal was we wanted to be working with an investor who had a house to flip, who wanted to sell in about six months, and have other investors as well as us. As it turned out, there are nine investors total.

    The terms are:

  • 10% return for 6 months
  • 10% of the profit at the end of the deal -- which is called a SAM (Shared Appreciation Mortgage)

Note: not all deals will have a SAM. So you need to be aware that that may not always be available.

We will have more information for you on the closure of this and post the results in about six months!

These are some important tips we followed to help us with our success:

  • Make sure you're networking with like-minded and competent people.
  • Due-diligence training is a must.
  • Research the deal and MAKE SURE all of your criteria is met
  • Throught the process, always ask yourself "Can we handle the worst case scenario”?
  • Once you have all your questions answered to your satisfaction then move forward

It is so exciting seeing your ideas come to fruition. We will sure be keeping you posted!

Till next month... Keep laughing... we're sending lots of love

Al & Shelley