Al & Shelley DeMelo

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June, 2013 Volume 8, Issue 6

Sharing our journey with you...

De Melo's Da News

Happy Father's Day!

For All Happy Fathers!

We are sure hoping that all the Dad's Fathers, Papa's, Opa's (here on earth, or in spirit) enjoyed a great Sunday with their kids. We spent our day tending to the greenhouse and drying some fresh herbs, thinking of our Dad's.

Healing Love for Calgary

We are so sad to hear the devastation from Calgary. The flooding has displaced thousands of people and created much hardship. Healing Love for Calgary!

We are sending out prayers to all those people and animals affected in Calgary.

As we hear both the tragic and happy endings to during this emergency, we are deeply grateful for all the people who are helping out.


While these are tough times, now is the time to think of what we are grateful for and concentrate on that.

It is tough to focus with all this going on so close to home. My heart is torn apart. Life must go on, and thankfully everyone is pulling together to help get us get back on the right track.

We have been fortunate not to have involvement directly, however Al's sister's husband's family is from High River, and were hit hard. They are going through a huge clean up... and our thoughts are really with them and with our friends who were impacted. We hope your loved ones are safe.

Practicing Self Care

selfcare This month I decided to prioritize myself as I was sick for two weeks. I decided to make this an opportunity for me to do more self care.

I have been running ragged getting ready for the Westcoast Hydroponics year end, which has given me too much work and unnecessary stress.

The Calgary tragedy was a great wake up call for me, and a reminder to not take anything for granted. Some of the self-care activities I did were:

  • Meditations Daily (Wayne Dyer, New Reality and Louise Hay which I find very nice.)
  • Walking Daily (and thinking of flowers!)
  • Relaxing and reading
  • Spending quality time with my husband, dogs and cats
  • Practiced Yoga to stretch my body

Be sure to take time and plan for your own self care, daily or weekly before you are forced to take action. When you are weak, your immune system can become compromised and those bugs can be very stubborn to get rid of if you are weak.

David Dubeau from Canadian Profits

selfcareWe want to take this time to acknowledge David Dubeau from Canadian Profits for his monthly CD's.

His most recent CD had a great interview of Donald Wilson on it. Mr. Wilson specializes in private lending with the Dominion Grand Financial Group.

His talk on the CD was entitled “The Little Known World of Private Lending”. This inspired Al to contact Mr. Wilson. What great timing!


The World of Private Lending

Private Lending Class Al & George Antone

Al went to Sacramento this month and attended a Private Lending course by George Antone.

(Pictured: Al, George Antone, and Al's coach, Mark Hoffman)

During the class, it was fun and a good learning experience. They role played the different scenarios of the private lending including Lender, Broker, Lawyer, and Borrower.

He learned the difference between Private Lending and institutional lending. Basically, it boils down to 3 main things, its flexibility, speed at getting the funds and the assurance of getting the money within 7-14 days after receiving and reviewing the documentation.

When Al came back, he contacted Donald Wilson, as he had recently learned he is an experienced mortgage broker and private money specialist here in Vancouver. Al was able to meet with Mr. Wilson and basically got a bonus meeting and learned these extra great tips from Mr. Wilson.

  • Never do it on your own. Always have a broker on your team
  • Do your due-diligence on your note just as you would on any other deal. This means, among other things -- be sure to physically see the property
  • Always use an appraiser different from the borrowers.
  • Don't use the same appraiser every time if you can avoid it.
  • It is really difficult to get a fair, independent and unbiased appraisal. A "familiar" appraiser may learn what you are looking for and that may make them not unbiased.

Health and Food

Our beautiful Greenhouse

You should see our beautiful greenhouse! In fact you can have a glimpse, just look at the picture to the left!

We are so happy to see our greenhouse grow more each day. It sure is a blessing to be able to grow some of our own food. Also, lets not forget about the taste!!

Growing your own food




By eating fresh grown food, you can discover the delicious difference. Fresh food makes me want to grow more. As I am inspired by my neighbors and customers growing. As I was looking into families who grow their own food, I ran across the Dervaes Family.

Have you heard about the Dervaes family? Their amazing farm produces 6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre. That is an astounding amount food. They are surely an inspiration to follow and learn from. Click on the picture and watch the video! This is great!

Till next month... Keep laughing... we're sending lots of love

Al & Shelley