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April, 2013 Volume 8, Issue 4

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's Day Coming!

Aren't we lucky, another May, another Mother's day! It is nice to reflect on the Mom's of the world.

I am so excited as my Mom is coming to spend time with me May 11. I really enjoy taking time when I have the opporturnity with my Mom. These holidays give me a moment to pause and remember the important things.

Training Time!Training Class

Our employee headed to school to be an electrician. We were sad to see him go but happy that he is making goals for himself and fulfilling them. As a result of his leaving, we have put out the word for new employees. The big news is we now have two qualified trainees. So we find ourself getting prepared with training the new people and figuring out where we can improve our processes and better document our training program.

Our mentor, July Ono introduced us to a nice resource online for people looking to hire. We found it to be a very helpful hiring tool that helps you see potential co-workers values and personal styles. These insights help you get to know them better and discover quicker if they are right for the job, how they will work with your staff. We have discovered there is a lot to learn whenever working with people!

Another Fabulous Real Estate Meeting!

Steve Cain and July Ono had their annual general meeting (AGM) for their Real Estate dinner this month. Not only was it delicious, they had a lot to say. July mentioned they will be rebranding their website "On the Beach Education" which will continue to focus on inspiring new and current investors. We always learn so much from them and another side benefit-- we had a great opportunity to network with other investors. You will definitily want to keep watch on their website for the details on their future plans.

Home Show Kamloops

Al at the home show! We met a lot of people at the local Home Show in Kamloops. We had a booth which featured demos of hydroponic applications.

We had a huge display growing herbs hydroponically, we showcased the sea weed nutrient product, we taught people how to provide nutrients to their hydroponic gardens.

We gave away samples of some products and had a drawing for T5 Lights with Shade. Congratulations to our winner Christa Naujocks. Thanks to everyone who signed up for our West Coast Hydroponic Garden Shop newsletter. Drop us an email if you want to be included too!

We would like to thank our suppliers for supplying loads of samples to give away, and to Rob from Cascadian Plants for pitching in and helping us in our booth, keeping everyone happy with all his samples!



Life After Pesticides Workshop

No pesticideI went to a workshop put on by Linda Gilkeson Entomologist called Life after Pesticides.Linda Gilkeson This was a fantastic day of learning all about alternatives to pesticides for your garden. We also learned how to select plants which will attract beneficial insects and pollinators to your garden. Did you know Aphids on roses is not a bad thing? You can plant some sweet allysum to attract the Aphid Midge predator to clean those aphids right up!

Real Estate Club Meeting

No pesticideThe featured speakers at our real estate meeting this month were Paul Hecht and his mentor Glen Purdy.

We were so happy to listen to learn about how they securely invest in the United States.

They also shared how investors in the United States think Vs: Canadians investors.

Here are a couple of pointers for Canadians who are considering purchasing in the United States.

  • Always buy under an LLC Corporation vs personal name for liability
  • Get a tax Id Number since Canadians are considered foreign nationals.

Remember, purchasing without knowledge can be costly so learn all you can before deciding to buy. 

IF you are looking into purchasing in the U.S., you may find some useful resources here.

No pesticide

Watch in May for more home show activity, greenhouse and real estate updates.  Butterfly larvae has arrived!!!

More great Links and videos for facebook  join us on facebook to learn more.


Time to wrap up!

We look forward to seeing you next month. Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!

Al & Shelley