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Marcy, 2013 Volume 8, Issue 3

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News


Happy Easter!

No matter how you choose to celebrate, Al and I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday.

Time is flying this year, that is for sure. Since Spring has sprung, the snow is disappearing. We have been doing Spring cleaning to prepare to plant in our greenhouse. It surely is exciting getting ready for the growing season.  While some of my plants have been going all year, it will be nice to get some food growing in the greenhouse. We are looking forward to the sunshine and the beautiful bounty heading our way.

Please Don't Dread the Dentist


Like many of you, I always dreaded visiting the dentist. However, lately I have been doing some studying on the cause and effect of poor dental health and how it is related to our bodies health. What I found was very eye opening and helped me not to dread this visit with my Dentist. Remember, your dentist is a partner in your continued overall good health.

Whole Body DentistryI found a great dentist who practices whole body dentistry (Click on teeth for more info, scroll down to see body systems affected), which is a Form of "dentistry" that encompasses electrodermal screening (electrodiagnosis). The dentist I am seeing in Kamloops is Dr Thompson who completed my new bridge. See happy Shelley above!

Getting a better handle on my teeth has added another check mark off of the to do list, and I can smile again. Remember teeth are alive in your mouth. Take good care of them and they will love you forever.

Family Time

Family TimeIt is always great when family comes to town. This month, John and my Mom stopped by for a visit to get away from all the snow at their place! We spent some nice time together, traveling to Vancouver, and they joined us on the trip to our business coach meeting, while we were there, they visited John's uncle who lives in Langley. They also saw the movie life of Pi. which they highly recommend Al and I see. Here we are having a nice dinner out. It is great to stay connected.

Changing the World... One Story at a Time

Richard Wagamese

Changing the world one story at a time” That is Richard Wagamese' mission. This month, we attended a great talk which was presented by the Unitarians in Kamloops.  

Richard Wagamese is one of Canada's foremost Native authors and storytellers. He is an esteemed public speaker and storyteller, and lives in the mountains outside of Kamloops with his wife, and Molly the Story Dog.

Richard spoke of the spiritual journey that he has been on in his life. I was so inspired by him. I learned how to identify what things are really important, and how, after all, we are all just a story and a part of a story. This got me thinking of my story, and whether I am happy with the outcome so far? Yes. So it was a good moment to reflect on that.

So ask yourself "How is your story going?" and "Are you happy with the outcome so far?" We all need to make the best story possible while we are here. Remember what you are leaving behind is most important.

Curious about Private Lending?

Private Lending may be easier than you think. As many of you know, it is a very successful mode i.e. there are banks on almost every corner. Al traveled to San Jose, California this month to attend George Antone's Wealth Class.

He was surprised at how much he gained from learning about the world of private lending -- and how to protect yourself by securing your loan through real estate.

One of the key ideas was to do no more than a 65% loan to value. And know your risk factors you are willing to assume.

We have always gotten a tremendous value from Georges' on-line teachings and Al was not disappointed when he went to the live class and met George in person. He met a lot of other great people, and he got to spend time with his mentor Steve Cain as well, another plus.

Time to wrap up, so we will see you next month! Be Hoppy! Chocolate bunny ears to all (Don't tell Peter Cottontail!)

Al & Shelley