Al & Shelley DeMelo

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February, 2013 Volume 8, Issue 2

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News


Love! Love! Love!

Wow, the month of Love is now over. It sure showed up fast. Al and I enjoyed the special day by being cozy watching Love and Other Drugs and of course the woofies had their share of love as well. We do hope you enjoyed time with your loved ones.

Our weather here has been milder, and there are signs that spring is rapidly approaching. I am not going to complain about that! smile.

Las Vegas Trip

Defending the Caveman

Al and I had a nice getaway to Las Vegas this month. We took a nice break for a bit of fun. July Ono and Steve Cain, our real estate mentors, invited us to join them in Las Vegas for a fun get away.

We went to see the new Circus Oley show. We have to tell you the show was great fun.

There were so many great acrobatic feats performed, that caused our hearts to just stop while we waited for them to complete their trick.

We also went to see "Defending the Caveman" which was a great comedy show. We had a few nights of laughter and enjoyed spending time with our friends. What more could anyone ask for?

Joining us for Defending the Caveman was Pamela and Michael from Language of Space. They now live in Las Vegas so it was a real nice treat to get to see them.

Naturopathic Doctor!

Naturopathic Doctor OfficeI had a bit of a scare this month and ended up having to go to the hospital for a test. Let me tell you, this is one place I never want to need to go. However, if you must go to a doctor, check to see if you can find a local naturopathic (ND) doctor. By visiting my local ND, I learned about Hydrogen Peroxide therapy.

What do you do with Hydrogen Peroxide therapy you may ask? Well, there is a lot of research into how it may be useful for oxygenating the body, which can help your body heal itself of some ailments.

Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy

Flood your Body with Oxygen

I discovered the book: “Flood Your Body with Oxygen”, which is a new sequel to the best seller "Oxygen Therapies by Mr Oxygen". In these books, the author, Ed McCabe talks about how disease can not live in oxygen!

Since our bodies are mostly water, and our cells love oxygen, Ed says we can safely and correctly put special forms of oxygen into and on our bodies. This book offers the reader more than 100 years worth of European and American research, testing, and application of various forms of oxygen. His results are convincing. To name a few of the findings, he has reason to believe that Oxygen treatment aids in the relief of: • Alzheimer’s Disease • Angina • Relieves Pain • Stimulates Blood Flow • Relieves Chronic Pain • Assists In Weight loss

Attention All Real Estate Investors

Real estate Investors, you won’t want to miss this incredible free webinar talking about Canadians investing in the USA, Strip Mall Investing, Getting started with multi family properties, Old School direct mail marketing, just to name a few. This webinar is filled with great speakers and is being produced by David Dubeau at Canadian Profits Webinar. With this awesome line up of speakers you can't help but learn some good stuff!

So until next month!!! Be Happy! Hearts and smiles to all!

Al & Shelley