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January, 2013 Volume 8, Issue 1

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News


Winter Wonderland!

Holy moly, the snow, the snow!!

What a hard effort to get out in the morning too!

Here is our truck, and trellis. Can you see how deep the snow is?

It is surely a winter wonderland here in Kamloops, BC. This is the biggest dump of snow we have ever seen since we moved here! The hills here are great for skiing and they are packed. There are skiers and snow bunnies everywhere, all having a blast. Me, I prefer the sunshine and warmth.

2013, The Year of Love?


Our business coach, Beverly Rasmussen makes a new theme for every year. This year, she has decided to make it the Year of Love.

I have to say, I think it is a Great Idea!! What better way to keep us focused on what is really important.

We had to consider, is it more important to be right or happy? Like most couples, Al and I sometimes struggle with decisions and our differing opinions on how to run our business. We found the key points to remember are:

  • We love each other and are in for the long haul
  • Our union together has a bigger meaning
  • There is no need to fight, we like to think of it as dancing.
  • As usual, it is very important for us to listen to each others feelings about the issue.

What we look for is acknowledgement in our heated discussions. However, acknowledgement does not mean there is agreement.
Once we are both heard then we can ask:

  • How are we going to move forward?
  • What is the risk each of us are willing to take?
  • What is the impact on our business?
  • What is the system that needs to be made or adjusted?

In essence, we like to keep in mind, no matter what is wrong or not working right, it is no one's fault, just the system is broken and needs adjustment.

Success Magazine

SuccessHave you been to Success Magazine's site? There is a ton of valuable information with this subscription. Not only that, but it comes with a CD that you can listen to over and over again while you are busy driving across town, or between provinces (Which we seem to be doing a lot of lately!) Here are some nuggets of some of what was on this month's CD.

How Can You Keep on Winning

  • Passion is the fuel and energy of life. It puts the fun into working.
  • Value the process. Find value and satisfaction in the preparation process and always have a plan .
  • Focus always on, and cultivate your strengths. Ask yourself what am I good at? Stop obsessing over your weaknesses.
  • Work on the inner You The oute Your always reflects what is inside.
  • Be trustworthy, as no one can win without trust.
  • Discipline is the greatest competition you will experience. The most challenging is between your disciplined and undisciplined minds.
  • Attitude is the belief you will win and that you will make it possible.
  • You must persist on your path toward success while constantly improving yourself.

The article was written by John C. Maxwell is a leadership expert, coach and author selling more than 22 million books

Kamloops Real Estate Investing Club

SuccessKamloops Real Estate Investing Club is starting up again. We meet the last Thursday of every month starting January 31st. The topic for this month's meeting is "Home Inspections 101 for Investors". No matter what your currant level of experience may be, come and join us and learn more!

Al and I will be in Vegas spending time with our mentors. We can't wait to share what we learn... stay tuned next month!

So until next month!!! Happy New Year!

Al & Shelley