Al & Shelley DeMelo

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October, 2012 Volume 7, Issue 10

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

Boo Bashing


It has been time to turn on the heat and let us embrace the fall as we watch the beauty of the trees changing colors and dropping their leaves.

Sanoviv Again!

This month, Al and I made the journey to Sanoviv in Mexico. We experienced a major weather difference upon arrival there! It was a lot warmer than last year because we were there a month sooner. So, the cool pool was not as cool. We had a full plate once we arrived. We had wonderful massages, facials, reflexology and follow up lab tests.

Using what we learned the last time we were here, we were excited to see how our health has improved. So (Ta Da!!) just a year later, our red blood cells were flowing more freely and not stacked or clumped like tires. The other thing we noticed was, for me, my stress test went from 94% to 55%. I still have improvement to make, however that improvement really has motivated me to continue.

The changes I made include taking healthy minerals and vitamins, meditating more often, drinking more water and paying attention to how many times I am chewing my food. In addition, we have incorporated Raw food into our diet, and fresh vegetables and other healthy choices we learned from Sanoviv.

Kamloops Home Show

This month, we decided to get out into the community and have a presence at the local Kamloops Home Show . Al and I decided it was about time to share our knowledge in the field of hydroponics and let our community know we are a great resource on how to garden indoors, and also let them know how much fun (and easy) dirt free gardening can be.

Al and Shelley holding the winning ticket of a T-5 Light System & Shade.

Sharing our passion about growing our own food was a wonderful experience. We wish to thank our sales rep from Cascadian Plant Products, Rob Kaiser for all his assistance. Rob donated samples of his Seaweed, B Vitamin and Humic Acide products. We had water bottles made up with our logo, which Columbia Springs provided so we were never thirsty!

Al and Shelley with our sales rep Rob Kaiser

We really enjoyed getting to know people interested in Hydroponics and gardening.


Humic Health Benefits

SHumicHumic Acid is a completely natural, non-toxic substance that is proving to have a very long list of beneficial, therapeutic effects on a variety of common disorders and also soil for our gardens!

There is a lot of evidence pointing to the ANTI-VIRAL power of Humic Acid. The threat of viral disease has been ever-present, and continues to grow. The ANTI-VIRAL ability of Humic Acid is a topic that is most vital to human health and welfare in our time.

Along with its ANTI-VIRAL benefit, Humic Acid promotes Human Health in a variety of other ways. For the garden alone, did you know it pulls heavy metals out of plants? In addition to the following:

  • Improves soil quality
  • Plays a critical role in uptake of nutrients
  • Has ability to unlock nutrients in soil that would be otherwise unavailable to the plant
  • On a microbial level, humic stimulates the beneficial activities of naturally occurring soil microbes which are responsible for solubilizing minerals and nutrients so they can be stored by the humic and in turn be made available to the plant
  • In sandy soils humic acid adds vital organic material back into the soil, which allows for improved water retention and deeper root development, which lack in sandy soils.

I believe that the daily use of a correctly identified, and properly purified, refined, and standardized Humic Acid supplement, can provide an array of health benefits and protections that are simply unobtainable from any other nutritional supplement available today.

Marketing is Key to Any Business

Before making any marketing decisions, be sure to consider the following:

  • Always begin any marketing campaign with a means to measure the effectivity of the advertisment. (coupon code, etc.)
  • Ask yourself can five dollars be made for every dollar you spend?
  • What is your exit strategy if the marketing campaign is not providing the expected results.
  • Do we have the expertise to execute the campaign, or do we hire an expert?
  • What does our budget say we can do?

A Tip on Making Offers

When you have an accepted offer and you are writing the cheque to the lawyer or real estate agent, for your protection, be sure that you write the cheque out to their name or company and add "IN TRUST" after it. If the cheque just has their name and not "IN TRUST", then they can cash it on you. If you add "IN TRUST", the funds must be held for your transaction

Sanoviv Next Year

Please mark your calendars. Next year we are returning to Sanoviv and would love for you to join us next year. We will be returning for a follow-up October 7-11 2013. Be sure to let us know if you want to join us! It is a great trip and very beneficial. 

So until next month!!! Love and Light to you and yours. Namaste!

Al & Shelley