Al & Shelley DeMelo

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September, 2012 Volume 7, Issue 9

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

Gone Fishin'

The End of Summer

Remember when your teacher would ask you "How did You spend your summer vacation?" Well, it has been so gosh darn hot here in Kamloops, we have yet to experience the end of summer!!

Just so you know, it is STILL Hot!!

Here is Al with his fishey and Karen & Bernie.

So, we have been doing a bit of visiting with the family, and FISHING. Yes we got our hands dirty and boy was it fun!








Here's the family finding ways to have fun!

We really enjoyed hanging out with our family. So far, that is how we ended our summer vacation. However, it is nearly October and still warm.

To Sweeten or Not to Sweeten?

I saw the movie "Sweet Remedy, The World Reacts to an Adulterated Food Supply." I was impressed with what I learned. Did you know that Stevia is only supposed to be marketed as a food supplement?

The movie got me thinking,  what if we eliminated all artificial sweeteners in use today? How would that affect our health, would it be in a positive way?  The movie's premise is that it really would. There were two sisters, who decided to cut out canned soda drinks (and the associated chemicals that go with the drinks.) They found themselves cured of their MS symptoms once they cut out soda drinks from their diet. I found the information very relevant and was so happy to read about it. I never felt great drinking sodas anyhow. To watch a good part of the movie for free, click on the movie poster above. If you are in need of an artificial sweetener, may I suggest the lovely Stevia?


Progress in Action-Our Coach Beverlee Rasmussen

Sweet RemedyWe have had the pleasure of working with Beverlee Rasmussen as our business coach this month. We have been totally spoiled as she is also a great Chef.

We enjoyed a delicious salmon dinner before we were off to our regularly scheduled BANG event.

With Beverlee's help, we have been moving forward with our WestCoast Business project. We reviewed things to pursue to establish us in our community, as well as get us known in Kamloops. As a result, we got the information together on how we can get into the Kamloops Home Show next month. We discussed how close we are for our online shopping cart to be in use, so we have been focusing closely on that. I have been off two days per week, so I have decided to study more real estate as well.

 I sure do like to keep busy. But in addition, I really love working with Beverly.


Basecamp is very simple and easy to use project management software. It Basecampkeeps us in touch and on track with our goals. In addition, it provides tools to help us communicate and track our progress quickly and relatively easily. It truly is a great resource for you. (Click on the graphic to read about the founder.

Making Offers on Property

This month we learned before taking a contract to a lawyer, ask your mentor first. Their experience with making a lot of offers makes them an expert in that field. Your lawyer may not be a real estate investor themselves.

To be happy with your contracts, we have discovered that the Protection and Subject clauses are key to consistent success. Another thing that is paramount, don't make your contracts too long. Gone are the days of seventeen page contracts. They are impossible to read and are really not necessary if you have all the angels covered. This is yet another reason that a mentor is critical to your success, along with being coach able and learning from people who are more successful than yourself. You have to get out there and network. Our mentor has taught us our "Network" equals your "Net Worth".

Next month... Our Sanoviv trip, the Home Show, Halloween, my Neice's birthday in Calgary which is why I will miss my 25 year high school reunion. They are much more important!

So until next month!!! Many smiles your way, Al & Shelley