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May 2012 Volume 7, Issue 5

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

 Happy Mother's Day

To All Mothers

Al and I sure want to make sure you and your children got to spend some time together on Mothers Day.

We got to chat with our moms, it is always nice to connect with them! I sure miss getting to spend time with my Mom and I know Al feels the same way.

How to Keep your Eyes Healthy

Healthy Eye Exercises

A healthy diet can be the most important factor in building, supporting, maintaining, and also improving vision. While there is no single diet that is best for everyone, experts agree that a healthy diet high in vegetables is essential for eye health. Choose to make every meal an opportunity for enjoying more vegetables (preferably organic). Steam, stir fry, or simply eat them raw.

The following nutrients are required for healthy eyes. Bilberry, Vitamin A, Grapeseed, Eyebright, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Lutein. Read more by clicking on the eye photograph link above.

Tips for Keeping Your Eyes Happy

  • Read early in the day under natural light
  • Eat healthy, including lots of veggies
  • Exercise everyday
  • Splash eyes with cool water in morning and warm water at night.
  • Relax & do the palm exercise listed below at least 4x per day


Healthy Eye Palming Exercises Indian Yogis & Chinese Taoists practiced eye palming for thousands of years. It is a very beneficial eye relaxation exercise. It is particularly good for those, who spend most of their time in front of Computers (Computer Professionals) or to those who strain their eye all the time. Here is an example of one type of Eye Palming. There are countless ways to practice this. You can google "Eye Palming" for other resources. For one resource, click on the hands shown above.

  • Rub hands together until warm & full of energy.
  • Place cupped palms over eyes with no pressure.
  • Relax, allow shoulders to settle, breath deep & feel eyes relax.
  • Imagine seeing something up close then far away with perfect clarity.
  • Remove hands and keep eyes closed for a minute.
  • Open eyes and blink 10 times. Click here for more info on this.

WestCoast Hydroponic Garden Shop Co

Dr. Sharon

Our new website is up and running for our hydroponics shop in Kamloops BC. As many of you may know, we struggled with the name of our company and the new name is officially "WestCoast Hydroponic Garden Shop Co."


Stemtech for the Dogs

There is a new product called Stemtech that helps people, and the company involved in this research discovered that it helped pets too. If you want to know more about this, click on the stemtech graphic below.

Disempowering ConversationAccording to Dr. Christian Drapeau an expert on Adult Stem Cells, said regarding Adult Stem Cells “They are the master cells and have the ability to become virtually any type of cell in the body.  They are present in your body from birth and are your natural renewal system.”

Shasta and DaisyWith pets, the product StemPet has produced remarkable results for our two Rotti/Shepherd crosses (Shasta and Daisy) who suffer with Hip Dysplasia. After two weeks on the product, I have observed much improvement in their energy and vitality.




Cycle Planning Training

Square Foot Garden I have been studying Cycle Planning Training as taught by the Kabalarian Philosophy. I have a better understanding of how we are affected by time and how we can really benefit by knowing the cycles and what they mean as they are related to time. 

The Cycles being planned take place over the course of 9 years. To calculate your current place in the 9 year cycle click here.

Year 1- Seeding- start something, new ventures
Year 2- Germination- meet & mix further interests
Year 3- Manifestation- things start happening
Year 4- Test period- Adverse period, caution in all things
Year 5- Quick growth, broaden out Change & travel
Year 6- Procreation- Put house in order settle indebtedness
Year 7- Rest from labours, reflection
Year 8- Fruition, Rewards, good time to sell at a profit.
Year 9- Dormant time, think & plan for activity in new cycle

Al is in the 4th year-- test period, the business is in the 5th year--quick growth, and I am in the 9th year dormant time. It is my time to reflect, plan and dream. Also I am also supposed to relax as much as possible and defer taking action until next year as that will be year 1 -- seeding for me.

We're Heading to Sanoviv Again

Dr. SharonYou may recall in our November, 2011 edition, we talked about our trip to Sanoviv Clinic in Mexico. We are going again to re-test and see how we have done this past year. We are interested in seeing how the changes we have made in our foods, etc have impacted our body. We are hoping to see evidence that our cells are looking great, not to mention we really are looking forward to eating all the delicious organic meals!

We would love to have anyone interested to join us! Our Sanoviv trip is confirmed for Oct 1st-Oct 6th, 2012. The cost for the trip is $2500.00 per couple. The price includes pick up to and from San Diego airport or any local hotel. If you think you might be interested in joining us, please do contact us and we will provide you with more details.

Next month, we will be writing about a Real Estate meeting on Storage Units we are attending. We can't wait.

Many blessings your way, Al & Shelley