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March 2012 Volume 7, Issue 3

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

 Spring, 2012

Spring has sprung, eh?

Spring arrives March 20, 2012

This year is just flying by isn't it? Spring came on the 20th, and the flowers are popping up everywhere. Have you begun your spring cleaning yet?

Al and I were thinking how there is a lot of opportunity for people to take advantage of the new season.

Ever Consider Growing Your Own?

Readying our Greenhouse

As many of you know, we are in the hydroponics business. One of the things that excite us about this business is having control over the way your produce is grown. Are you tired of not knowing what is being sprayed on your herbs and vegetables? Well Al and I sure were, which is one of the reasons we ended up in this business. Nothing is better than growing some (or all) of your own food. Since Spring has arrived, we have been readying the greenhouse, getting it all clean and ready for planting.

If you are creative, you can convert even a small space into a great greenhouse. It is well worth the effort.

Cat Rescue!

Happy Garfield

Holy kitty cat, we lost Garfield for a time this month. It was 10 PM on a Saturday night when I figured out where Garfield was! I heard him meowing above me. When I looked up and saw the top of the power poll, there was my little kitty! I talked Al into helping get him down, and after some brainstorming and a couple of hours, we finally got our Garfield. We did learn in this journey, that the cats that get stuck eventully can get down safe and sound. NOW THEY TELL US! Anyhow, it was a happy ending and we are happy to have our Kitty. I don't think he will be going up that pole again anytime soon! Especially since I told him he is now an indoor kitty.

ALL The Way Up There!


Smart Meters?

Smart Meter

Is your community using smart meters? Here in Canada, BC Hydro wants to install them everywhere. If you want to know more about them, check out the story here. Recently the anti-smart meter people lost an argument to try to stop their installation.

Citing that study and others, PG&E says it would take 1,000 years of living next to a smart meter to get the same exposure to radio frequency emissions cellphone users get in just one month. But non-thermal effects of absorbed radio frequency emissions on human health remain unclear.

Who do you believe when it comes to Smart Meters? BC Hydro Verses Coalition to stop Smart Meters or Citizens for Safe Technology

They all have very good points on either side concerning health and safety.


Smart Meter

We are celebrating as we are new owners with a few other investors on a multi-family property in Thunder Bay. Our mentors, July and Steve are in the project with us. The lender was so impressed on how organized we were. We owe it all to being taught bythe best in the industry, our mentors. We couldn’t have asked for better teachers. Go Us!! We are thrilled to have this opportunity. You can check July and Steve's On the Beach Education website if you are interested!

Energy Frequency and Vibration

Al and I believe in the fact that everything on earth is energy and has a specific frequency and vibration. Based on a lot of research, we decided to look into changing our business name from West Coast Gardens to something more in vibrational harmony with our business.

While looking into this, we discovered that the West Coast part of our company name is strong, but that the word Gardens weakens it.

Stay tuned in April for an update if we decide to change our name. We are planning on getting our website up and running, and getting away for a spiritual weekend on April 27. If you are interested in the get away, here is a list of the event and speakers.

Free Tickets!!!

I was given tickets for the weekend of April 13th here in Vancouver, BC to hear Dõv Baron. Dõv Baron is a master at getting to the root of what's holding people back from living the lives they want most.

I have heard great things about this seminar. Unfortunately, I will be giving the tickets away to someone who can go as we have other plans. Please drop me an email if you are interested. This seminar is highly recommended by our friends.

Al's a Blue Belt

Smart Meter

Ever since I have known Al, he has studied Goshindu (formally Wing Chung). This month, he graduated to the next level -- a blue belt!

The lesson here is always make time for the things you love.  I love seeing him progressing.  





Looking forward to April's update. Sending smiles your way... till next month,

Al & Shelley