Al & Shelley DeMelo

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February 2012 Volume 7, Issue 2

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

February 29, 2012

Yea!! An extra day for all of us!!! Happy Leap Year!

Winter, Spring, no Winter again!

Well gee, February arrived quickly, and the weather was so nice... Just when we thought spring was on the way-- we were faced with the Mr Winter once again!.. It was cold,... well cold for us here in BC. 

Check out Al, shoveling snow in February! burrrrrrr!

Al and the Snow

Continuing our Business Growth

Many of you may know that we work with Pamela and Michael at Language of Space. Before Al or I start any major projects in our personal life or business world, we seek their guidance and evaluate the answers to several key questions. Basically, what we learned, through their excellent coaching, is to evaluate ourselves by answering the following questions:

  • What are your inherent strengths?
  • What are your resources?
  • What iis the right time frame, to up the ante?
  • Where are you with relationships, should you even be in one?
  • Where is your power?
  • Where is your expertise to bring money into your life?

By answering these questions and pondering the answer you will find solutions that will help you discover the path to your goals and desires. This will also help you discover "the self" who you really are. We are very grateful to have had the benefit of this experience. Have a peek at what they offer. Check out their site by clicking the image!


Butterfly in the House.. In Winter?

Winter Butterfly

Well... look what showed up in the house this winter. In January and February, we had two different butterflies come by for a visit. This is very surprising since they only live a couple of weeks, and all my greenhouse plants have been indoors since September. You know I took good care of them until they passed, then froze them together. It was really sweet to see them show up!

Passive Income and Cash Flow

If people have money in the stock market, that's considered passive income but there's no cash flow until you realize the gain by selling. If you are looking to replace your active income, consider focusing on passive income that pays out monthly.

Real estate is a great vehicle to achieve this, as long as you have good property management in place. We have learned that property management is crucial to success.

We do a lot of work with our mentors, July and Steve. July has given me permission to talk about their curent project. They are currently looking at purchasing a large portfolio and are looking for qualified accredited investors at this time.

We have had such excellent support from them and thought we should pass this information on in case you are possibly looking for something like this. If you want to contact July, send her an email and request a copy of the National Instrument NI 45-106, that is used to determine an investor's accredited status.

Name Change, Perhaps?

Thanks to the Kabalarian Philosophy, we have been learning how important everything is in business, including the name of the business. The name of the business has an energy frequency and vibration and is a key factor to the success of a business.

As a result, this month, we have been looking into the possibility of changing our name "West Coast Gardens Equipment and Supplies" to a more financially strong and balanced name that will properly reflect and expand our vision.

We are looking to put our website out, and would really like to have a name and brand that we can feel good about and identify better with. We will keep you posted on that process.

Looking forward to next time. Sending smiles your way... till next month,

Al & Shelley