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November 2011 Volume 6, Issue 11

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

Thank you for your service

Rememberance Day.

We spent November 11 remembering those who gave the greatest sacrifice for us. We shall never forget their life for our country. We are truly gratefurl for all people who are in service to us and others. Thank you.



Sanoviv, Here we Come

We accompanied our mentors July and Steve, and Teresa and John Holoman, to a get away to San Diego and visit Sanoviv in Rosarita Mexico this month.

When we arrived at San Diego, our first stop was Sea World. We enjoyed watching all the whale shows, the sea lions, and all the creatures there. Of course we ate well too!

After Sea World, we headed off for Rosarita for our visit to Sanoviv. Sanoviv is a medical Institute that specializes in health and wellness and is known world-wide for helping people with incurable diseases. We found Sanoviv to be a "Wow" kind of place, and what an experience.

We learned first hand why most visitors call it a 5 star Medical Spa. From the moment you arrive, you are well cared for. They have a lot of testing available, so we did avail ourselves to having a lot of tests and classes done. These included Blood, Stress and Relaxation, Microscopic Blood Analysis, Digestion Classes, diaphragmatic breathing techniques, etc. As the results came back, we got a lot of education on our bodies. One of the most exciting things was looking at our individual cells and how they are moving around in our body. If you are interested in going there, if you mention our name, you will get a free spa treatment.

This week, we all became more aware of how many times we chew or food and how much water we were drinking. These factors are critical to optimal health. How we nourish our body is also important, as the saying goes, "you are what you eat."

So you might want to ask yourself, how long do you want to live with a healthy clear mind and functional body? You might consider doing some detoxifying (Dr. Schulze has a lot of fabulous programs) Think about taking on some detoxifying your body will love you. It is highly recommended if you are healthy or sick, it is well worth the stay to get that kind of care.

Cayanne Pepper Can Help Stop a Heart Attack

Few people know that to improve the circulation of blood in the body, Cayenne has little equal. Cayenne is also known as chilli pepper, hot pepper and Tabasco pepper.

But most people probably do not realze what a powerfully healing herb it really is. It is particularly a great blood circulation stimulant. This ability to stimulate the circulation means that cayenne can be very helpful in treating conditions such as piles and varicose veins. Indeed - a great help for the whole blood circulation.

Dr John Christopher, a natural herbalist assisting patients curing heart disease and every other incurable disease under the sun. He could instantly stop a patient’s heart attack if he could get them to drink a glass of warm cayenne water.

He says a teaspoon of cayenne should bring the patient out of the heart attack. Click on the pepper for more information on the benefits of this wonderful spice.


If you haven’t seen the movie "Food Matter", you will learn in that movie that you truly are what you eat. It sure woke us up when we saw it.

Food Matters discusses the importance of Nutrition, and Natural Therapies for to follow for help with chronic illness. The film shows which foods and therapies are ideal for optimal health and which have been proven to fight Cancer, Heart Disease, Diabetes, Depression and many more Chronic Illnesses and everyday conditions.


Passive Income Manifesto

I discovered a series of videos online called George Antone''s Passive Income Manifesto series on video here on this link. I have not gotten through all of them yet, but, they are great videos, that have a lot of value, and the price is free! You don't want to miss this.

Peace and Wellness to You...

Till Next Month,

Al & Shelley