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October 2011 Volume 6, Issue 10

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News



Happy Halloween to everyone! We just love seeing beautiful October with the leaves changing colors and falling all over the place. When we see this, we know another new year is soon upon us. It gets us thinking about our goals and ambitions for next year! And also reminds us of the projects we need to finish up for the year.

Unfinished Projects?

Do you have any unfinished projects that need completion? We sure have had our share of them. When our Fung Shui consultant michael White-Ryan with Language of Space came for a visit this month, we realized we needed to get busy and do the repairs and maintenance we needed to finish. Michael helped get us on track and motivated us to prioritize the things that must be done-- and to complete them. It can be overwhelming to tackle so much at once, but with his help we had forward progress on our tasks. As a result, the fence got a cultured stone finish and we put our address on it too, we repaird our deck, prepared garden beds for the spring, and finished the cement pathway to the stairs.

Completing these projects sure feels good, and the side benefit, our house is becoming more of a home. With all the changes Michael suggested, the energy in our home feels great. This has been a wonderful experience.

Busting Loose from the Money Game

Busting Loose From the Money Game: Mind-Blowing Strategies for Changing the Rules of a Game You Can't Win. This book by Robert Scheinfield has changed the lives of millions.

I read this book and it really helped me to shift my paradigm for life.

One of the most wonderful things about it is that the results are immediate. My whole perception and relationship to money has undergone a major, substantial change. I highly recommend reading this book and taking the message to heart.


The Kabalarian Philosophy!

Have you ever wondered why we are the way we are and why we do the things we do? 

The Kabalarian Philosophy is dedicated to the service of humanity through dissemination of the wisdom of life, a scientific, practical knowledge based upon definite divine laws clearly understandable and applicable, teaching the individual's relationship to the two basic laws of life -- mathematics and language -- and teaching how everyone can greatly benefit through this wisdom.

They have an interesting tool on their site which will analyze your name and even business name to make sure it attracts what it is you are after. By knowing what your name means, you can harness the power of your name and fulfill your lifes calling. Click on the picture above and it will take you to the free report on your name. It is fascinating how the mind expresses itself through the name given to people, animals and places!

Pro Coach Update

Just to keep you up to date, Pro Coach has decided to keep its original name. The lesson regarding this Andrew Barber Starkey shared with us is to not try to turn yourself into something you know you are not.

The basic premisis is that people usually fall into one of four quadrents in their business world. (Note: The four different quadrents are shown in the diagram below.) This is based on the book “Cashflow Quadrant” by Robert Kiyosaki. Mr. Kiyosaki suggests if you want to change to a different quadrant, then you must change and do different things to achieve this result. Otherwise, you should be the best in the quadrant you are in.

Our quarterly weekend with Pro Coach, and our monthly mastermind meeting was a huge success. We were able to plan our next quarter goals and objectives (to continue getting step by step procedures written down) and review what we did achieve this past quarter.

Have you decided where you want to be in the next three months?


Abundance and happiness your way...

Till Next Month,

Al & Shelley