Al & Shelley DeMelo

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June 2011 Volume 6, Issue 6

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News


Summer is HERE!!

We welcome the winds of change and the new season of Summer upon us. June is always a busy month for us as it is our business' year end. In three months, we will be celebrating our business' 10 year anniversary. Our opening day can never be forgotten as it was on September 11, 2001.

How does your Greenhouse Grow?

Grow Fresh FoodI've been busy working in the greenhouse, growing our own food and discovering where to purchase supplies and other fresh food items from our local farmers market. It is amazing how delicious the food I am growing is.

Currently I am cultivating tomoatoes, peppers, eggplant, squash, chives and a variety of herbs. I don't have a favorite vegetable or anything, I just love growing them all. It feels so fun and delicious to eat what has grown right here at home.

Grow Fresh FoodIf it is at all possible, I do highly recommend that everyone support your own local farmers market as much as you can. Just think the veggies will be a lot more reasonably priced and delicious to boot!! If you worry about having too much or extra food you have grown, you can always donate the extra to your local food bank. Check out the 100 mile diet challenge

Kiss was in da House!

Kiss ConcertTo end the month was attending the KISS concert. We became teenagers for a night and enjoyed some old tunes we used to love including "Beth" and some new songs were good too. There was sure a wide range of ages at this concert and the band still had it going on, all I can say was what a fantastic show they put on.

Science of Mind

This month, I have attended a couple of courses; one being Science of Mind 101 and the teachings of Earnest Holmes and I finished my Introduction to Radio Broadcasting. Mr. Holmes was the founder of the United Centers for Spiritual Living. He was born in January, 1887, and passed on at the ripe old age of 73.

Dr. Holmes developed a universal philosophy and tools for spiritual living that profoundly resonate to this day. His work provides us with a personal spiritual path, an understanding of our relationship with the Universe, and a connected and joyful approach to daily living.

His teachings showed me some helpful ways to deal with life situations and challenges; and to see things in a whole new positive way. It fits very well with the teachings of “The Secret” and a lot of my favourite authors and life inspirations such as Bob Proctor, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Lisa Nichols.

Butterfly Farm

As summer approaches one of the most beautiful things I notice are the butterflies. As a result, I have decided, once again, to raise these lovely creatures.

They are amazing to watch as they metamorphasize from a egg, to caterpiller, pupa, emerging butterfly, to the lovely adult butterfly we have come to know and love. The larvae I have gotten is called the Painted Lady (pictured). I can't wait to watch the progress and developement and to share it with you.

Here are a couple things about butterflies you may not know:

  • Butterflies and caterpillars don’t breath through their mouths; they have holes in the sides of their abdomens called spiracles which is what they use to breathe.
  • They don't drown easily. If you find what you think may be a drowned caterpillar you can help it out and dry it off. Often, they get their life back in just a few hours.

There are all sorts of butterfly legends and stories which are fascinating to read. If you would like to learn more, click on the photograph of the butterfly to see the fascinating google entries that show up.

Love and Laughter your way!

Al & Shelley