Al & Shelley DeMelo

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March 2011 Volume 6, Issue 3

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

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Lucky Charms

It sure felt like March Madness, but in a good way. We had the luck of the Irish with us and were blessed with many adventures.

We started out heading to Vancouver to see our real estate mentor July Ono. July was a key note speaker at the BC Real Estate convention and the title of her talk was “Seven ways to get burned in Real estate and how to protect yourself

July taught the top seven keep these in mind when investing in Real Estate to protect yourself:

  • Remember to do your due-diligence. If you are making a decision based on what an "expert" says, make sure that person really is an Expert.
  • Be careful when investing in "hot tips" or under pier pressure. Make sure you're investing for the right reason and not because you feel you might be left out if you don't buy now.
  • When your emotions are high, sometimes your intelligence can be low. Make sure you are not making unsound decisions.
  • Read all documents or contracts throughly. Being lazy and/or assuming the contracts are what they said could cost you.
  • Educate yourself! Ask lots of questions
  • Trust people, but never assume anything. Always get a third party verification.

I Bean Inspired

We continued on to CEO Space in Lake Las Vegas, Nevada. We enjoyed meeting with our business associates and learning about all the new things people are working on. One person we ran into was Jonathon Hall from I Bean Inspired.

I Bean Inspried has beans with empowering messages on them that allow you to "grow" your manifestation. Here's an image for you to see the bean as it grows. The leaves come out with the word you selected on the bean imprinted on them! Click on the image below to watch the video! It's very interesting.

I Bean Inspired

These Beans are so unique and beautiful and can grow to over 10 feet tall. By planting the seeds you will watch your dream grow right in front of you!


The Healing Code

For Al and I, there is no higher priority than our good health and well-being. Sometimes, like everyone, we are faced with unforseen circumstances and we have to deal with them the best we can.

We got the book "The Healing Code" by Dr. Ben Johnson. Dr. Johnson,Dr. Ben Johnson you might recall is the man who cured himself of Lou Gehrig's dis-ease.

Dr. Johnson says "we do know nothing is incurable from within." I am sure you will be fascinated by his book and pass on his message. In this book, he teaches ways to help your body heal itself.

The Valley of Fire

When in Las Vegas , not far off the beaten path is a beautiful place called the Valley of Fire. Al and I went there with our accountability partners, Richard and Annaliese, and saw some breathtaking sights. We drove about an hour from Las Vegas to a really great spot The Valley of Fire.

(Click on the image above to see the Nevada Park and Recreation Site information.) Here's a picture of the group of us... and another stunning shot of the park.



With the weather warming up and having family (Mom and her husband John) visit from Saskatchewan, we decided to go to the health and wellness show in Kamloops.

In case you noticed, we are a bit darker in these photos. No, it was not our trip to Las Vegas that got us so tan. Al spotted a spray tanning booth that was running a special at the show. I have to admit I was always curious what it would be like, so we decided to give it a try.

Holy moly, the results were was pretty funny. hee..hee. The picture of us shows us with our new tan!! I would try it again but would deifnitely remember to go lightly next time. If you think it is too dark, if you take a shower right away, it does lighten you up again.

We sure hope your April is fruitful. Remember, April Showers bring May Flowers!!

Live, Love, and Laugh!

Till next month,

Al & Shelley