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December 2010 Volume 5, Issue 12

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

Holidays! We love 'em

Al and I are hoping you had a great Christmas and New Year. We spent the holidays with our family and had a lovely time reconnecting with everyone.

We believe your best year is yet to come in 2011! Happy New Year!

Mars and Venus at it Again!

John Grey, Ph. D. speaking engagement in Kamloops!

Has anyone read the book “Men are from Mars Women are from Venus” by John Grey?

John Grey has written a new book called "Venus on Fire and Mars on ice".

It happened that he was speaking in Kamloops so we decided to go and hear him talk. We had a fantastic fun time and learned quite a lot as Mr. Grey gave us clarity about how to understand the difference between Men and women, and how best to communicate and improve the quality of our life together. After all, that is what it is all about. We really enjoyed the seminar!


As many of you know, we use Pro Coach with Andrew Barber Starke. ProCoach is now following Anarag Gupta’s principals “The Difference Engine”. We have noticed that "The Difference Engine" has helped us to live a much more creative and fun life. Their very important teachings have us considering the following every day.

  • How much fun are we having? If you are not having fun at what you are doing CHANGE what you are doing. Think about how can you make what you do more fun. Then start doing it that way!
  • What "we" decide to make top priority-- we do. What ever you put at the top of the list is going to get done. If you want something to really change, put it at the top of the list and just get started on the project. The bottom line is, how bad you want something to change?
  • Allocate creative brainstorming and fun time into your day--every day! You'll see how quickly the energy will shift in your life.

Real Estate Investing

When it comes to Real estate investing or investments in general, do you follow a system? Al and I have learned to follow a system of questions which we ask ourselves before any new investment. if we can handle the worst case scenario then we proceed. Be sure you are asking all the things you need to know, even if you think you've asked all the questions you can, keep asking. You'd be surprised what turns up when you think you've gone as far as you can in your due-dilligence.



Imagine for a moment you have been given six months to live. Write down exactly what you want to do and with whom. Your answers can provide clarity abut who and what are most important in your life.” --Bob Molle

Health and Wellness

If you're interested in learning about things we consume and our choices, I found this website that has a lot of information on all kinds of welless items, including fibromyalgia, growth hormones, etc. I found some very useful information there. It was very eye opening.


Quantum Biofeedback

I had an appointment using the quantum biofeedback machine and I was thrilled by what it showed me and how I was able to explore for my own health.

The main premises of quantum biofeedback therapy is that since the body is electrical in nature, that it is innately intelligent, and that it has the ability to heal itself if the right conditions or stimuli are provided.

The EPFX-SCIO scans the body for 9000 frequencies, each associated with a different compound. It works much like anti-virus software does for a computer. I was so excited to discover how my body was doing energetically. The scan tells you what your bodies nutritional, mental, and emotional needs are.

I learned that diatomaceous earth is not just for potting soil! There is a food grade diatomaecous earth that helps kill parasites inside the body. It might be interesting to read about food grade diatomaceous earth and how it is used.

One other product I discovered was useful is Z life which is been called "the survival food". It Combines zeolite with humic acid to deliver a powerful natural chelating, pH balancing, immune supporting & remineralizing vitality supplement.

Live, Love, and Laugh through all of 2011!

Till next month,

Al & Shelley