Al & Shelley DeMelo

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June 2010 Volume 5, Issue 6

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

June is a wonderful month for me as I celebrate my “Happy Birthday”. This is the day I give appreciation for the freedom to create and explore life’s possibilities. I know I have been known to say before, "Oh it’s just another day." Astrologists and many others believe that our birthday is the most important day of the year.

Can it be that the day of our birth is selected by our soul? Does the soul have any choice in the matter? From our first breath, the soul enters the body, and that is the moment that the planets alignments are used to calculate ytour calculated at the time of birth.

Can it be the magnetic grid upon which you entered describes your spiritual, mental, emotional and physical bodies and your progress here on the earth plane?

So birthdays bring up interesting questions that I like to ponder.

Take Control of your Health

“How can you live long, healthy with a strong and alert mind? What can you do today to make that a game plan? You might enjoy reading “Take control of your health” by Elaine Hollingsworth. What I learned most from this book is the concept of "the Banned List".

The Banned List talks about things to avoid if you want to give your body and mind a decent chance to survive to a ripe old age. Apparently, Excitotoxins are one very good thing to Avoid! What are they? I'm glad you asked.

Excitotoxins are basic components of the most widely used artificial taste enhancers (Nutrasweet, Equal, and all forms of Asspartame) permitted to be included in manufactured and processed food and drinks. Among these have been amply documented to cause, contribute to, or aggravate a number of diseases.

To read more about this, click on the image to go to a site that talkes about the effects of excitotoxins on our body and brain.

Go Fish!

Al started the month off doing his favourite thing, fishing. He really enjoys it. I am happy he makes time to do the things he loves. It is important to your health to find ways to get out there and spend time enjoying what you love to do.


Pamela and Michael hit Kamloops!

Our good friends and Feng-shui masters and top-of-the-line design consultants, Pamela Edwards and Michael White Ryan came to Kamloops and taught a weekend workshop on using Feng Shui to enhance your life. We had a great visit and really enjoyed spending quality time with them. Check out their website. During class, we learned all about our personal KUA number, which is a key number needed in order to practice Feng Shui..

Your Personal GUA or KUA Number

To start practicing your personal feng shui, you can determine which of the four corners are most auspicious for you. By knowing your most auspicious corner for business or personal living. Working in best corner will bring prosperity to you. Being aware of this is is also a way to protect yourself from negative energy. By calculating your KUA number following the compass formula, you will be able to determine your auspicious corners. Click on the link above to calculate your number and discover your personal auspicious corner.

Remember everything is energy. We all vibrate at a certain frequency. By learning this ancient art of Feng Shui, we will receive many benefits from known and unknown sources. By establishing your home and business to follow your personal auspicious corners, you can begin the process of attracting to you that which you desire.

Psychology of Investing

Realizing the process in moving to the next level in real estate, it makes total sense to study people and their behaviours. By understanding yourself better and learning about others, especially when it comes to buying, sellling and investing in Real Estate, you can have a greater advantage by understanding what appeals to people and what turns them off. To your success!

Are you Looking for excellent guidance?

ProCoach has helped us Immensly. The people at ProCoach have really helped us get focused on our goals and made us accountable.

Happy Canada Day!


Live, Love, and Laugh!

Al & Shelley