Al & Shelley DeMelo

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February 2010 Volume 5, Issue 2

Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

an amazing life experience


Happy Valentines!

Lots of love your way not just for February, for the whole year xoxoo

Thunder Bay!

an amazing life experience

This month we took a trip to Thunder Bay to visit our Mentors, July Ono and Steve Cain. Taking an inspection on our 6 plex, it was exciting to see how everything was doing. The trip turned out to be quite the adventure; from learning details of removing an unwanted tenant who was unwilling to leave, to learning July's step-by-step procedures that she follows to manage her business.

Here is Al showing how much garbage filled the outside trash shed from the tenant's suite after the eviction.

an amazing life experience

July and Steve have been in Thunder Bay setting up systems for Property management of their buildings.

When July and Steve bought these 200 units, they asked themselves if they could handle the worst case scenario - which would be having to live in Thunder Bay to manage the properties properly. Their answer was YES! So they moved forward with the purchase of the buildings.

Important Lesson

The most important lesson I learned was how important it is to DOCUMENT - DOCUMENT – DOCUMENT. Make sure you document everything. Her suggestion is to carry a little notebook and jot down conversation details with tenants and what is done to the property day-by-day. It is a lot of work, although well worth it. This practice has saved her many times over on certain legal issues that have come up. This is how you protect yourself from liability as it can be used in a court of law as evidence of what took place.



Let me look good, please download the images

One fun thing I learned from July is the game Sudoku. I am always looking for ways to keep my mind sharp. While this game involves no math at all, it works your mental acuitiy and reasoning. It is a lot of fun figuring it all out! The first game was really challenging, now that I am getting the hang of it, it is a lot easier. I will not give up! The secret is PRACTICE – PRACTICE – PRACTICE.

Three Feet from Gold!

Are you making the most?

A great "never give up" book I read this month was from from the Napoliean Hill foundation (he was the author of Think and Grow Rich) called “Three Feet from Gold” by Sharon L. Lechter and Greg S. Reid.

It is a great story of the transformation a person can have, just by whom he listens to for wisdom and who he hangs around.

The attitude and life changes one can go through just by a simply meeting the right minds and mentors. The saying comes true - you are who you keep company with.

I took a lot away from this book. It reminded me of Joe Dudley's (Successful Entrepreneur) mantra which is: I Can. I Will. I Am. Meaning I can do it, I will do it, I am doing it!

an amazing life experience


Remember to stay away from the negatives. As Napoleon Hill once said “Every setback and challenge holds in it an equal or greater opportunity”. And Bob Proctor says “Your day and attitude are determined in the first 5 minutes after you wake up”.

Live, Love, and Laugh!

Till Next Month...

Cheers! Al & Shelley