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Sharing our journey with you...

DeMelo's Da News

Happy New Year to all!

Wishing everyone a great New Year! WOW moving through 2010 what are your plans? What are you going to accomplish this year? Are you thinking BIG ENOUGH? The very first step is to write down some things you want to be, do or have this year.

Our First Cruise

an amazing life experience

Our first ever cruise set sail out of Miami with about 120 CEO Spacers. For me I wasn’t quite sure because of the motion sickness.


I felt great Although I have been working a lot with the power of the mind and all I did was focus on health and visualized the outcome I wanted this was a big test. I took a couple of capsules of ginger a day just to be safe and it worked like a charm.

Shelley and the Dolphins!

Let me look good, please download the images

The highlight was swimming with the Dolphins, something I always dreamed of doing. The crystal clear water and listening to them communicate was an impression on me that I will have for a lifetime. Thank you for the experience! What are some of the experiences you want to have?

4 Hour Work Week

Are you making the most?

With a goal of working less and making more this book has got some great tips. Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur trapped in your own business a good read if you want a more mobile lifestyle.

How many chapters remain in the story of your life? Are you making the most of those

an amazing life experience

Quarterly Success Factor


If you wish to become more successful than you are today it requires you to take action.

  • Do what you resist first thing in the morning
  • Become a great starter
  • Start anywhere just start something
  • Break projects down into small steps
  • Find ways to motivate yourself

Tips! We have tips.

Tip of the month

Whether you are going to buy real estate with or without your own money a great rule of thumb to live by is always remember to Pay Yourself first. All the funds that come your way learn to take 10% off the top and pay it into your financial freedom account. If someone says there isn’t enough to do that, then there never will be and nothing will change. If there is one thing that changed our life it was the action and discipline to pay ourselves first. If you feel stuck on this drop me a line and I can help you put together your plan of action.